Constructing a Room to Fill with Prints

When adding new rooms to existing buildings, the builder/owner should first decide what the function of it will be. It has become increasingly popular to have an extra room to fill with art prints. These can be purchased from Desenio. These rooms serve as small gallery spaces where the homeowner can take a break and enjoy their favourite printed images. During the construction of these rooms, there are several factors that should be considered. Being aware of them will help the project to go as smoothly as possible.

The Room Size

The initial planning stage will involve deciding the size and shape of the room. This will be dependent on a number of factors, which may include the amount of resources, available space and planning permission requirements. Builders will also have to consider how the dimensions will be dictated by the prints that will be housed within the room. For example, if the prints being hung up are particularly tall or wide, then this will affect how big the room needs to be. It is crucial that the dimensions are large enough to fit the prints in.

Choosing the Right Prints

Whilst the building team are busy focusing on the construction side of things, the homeowner will have to decide which prints to purchase. If they choose a selection of prints from Desenio they will find that there is a plethora of choices. The images on offer include famous art pieces, maps, animal pictures and fashion photos. There is something to suit the tastes of anyone. This will allow people to fill the newly constructed space with prints that highlight their own unique personality.

Damp Protection

When building the walls for the room, it is vital that damp protective measures are undertaken. This could include filling them with moisture resistant insulation and using damp proof paint. If a damp problem develops it can spread to the inside walls. When this happens, the prints will eventually suffer water damage. Not only will this mean new ones have to be bought, but money will also need to be spent on potentially expensive repairs.

Staying on Budget

The budget will affect all aspects of the project. To build a new room correctly, an exact portion of the budget needs to be assigned to each section. Doing so will help to minimise the risk of going over. If budgeted correctly, the finished project may even leave unspent funds. These can go towards purchasing more art prints for the room.

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