Benefits of Green Construction

It’s estimated that the world’s construction industry uses an estimated one-half of the worlds energy consumption and materials. More to this, building accounts for a quarter of the trees harvested, as well as using a considerable amount of freshwater. With this in mind, clients, engineers and contractors have come to agree that there is a need to focus more on green buildings, which are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Advantages of green building construction are highlighted below.

Low Building Costs

Whether building a green home, office block, school, factory and other structures, green buildings have a low building cost when compared to contemporary building structures. Green buildings save on energy, water and material costs, both during the construction phase and when the building is occupied.

Improved Productivity

Green buildings use non-toxic materials which help reduce the rate of allergies, asthma and sick building syndrome, which are mostly associated with poor indoor air quality. Ventilation systems also play an essential role in improving the air circulation, making occupants more comfortable and productive.

Higher Market Value

Both commercial and residential buildings which have included the green building components have a high resale value, since the maintenance and utility cost will be lower, which is an added advantage to the potential buyer.

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